Punk band fine-tune preparations for club’s big day out at Wembley

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A BAND has written and produced a song for Gosport Borough ahead of their FA Trophy final.

Gosport punk band Night of Treason has recorded a song that will be played at Wembley Stadium this Sunday for Borough’s big match with Cambridge United.

ROCKING Night of Treason, from left, Bill Gaynor, Steve Kirk, Pinky Wallace and Pat Gilbert. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (14752-17)

ROCKING Night of Treason, from left, Bill Gaynor, Steve Kirk, Pinky Wallace and Pat Gilbert. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (14752-17)

Written by Pete Wallace, known as Pinky, the song – called Gosport Town – talks about the town and its many features and has grown in popularity since released.

Pinky said: ‘When Gosport Borough reached the semi-finals and won it, I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be good to write a song for them?”.’

‘So I started stringing some words together and the words fitted a tune that was already on the album.

‘In about 10, maybe 15 minutes I had written the song. I then spent about three hours in the studio recording it with the other band members.’

Fans got a preview of it last Tuesday when Pinky, joined by other band members Steve Kirk, Bill Gaynor, Jon Wheeler and Pat Gilbert, played the song at Gosport’s league match against local rivals Hawks.

Pinky said he was worried about the reaction because it was a derby but they got a good response from the crowd.

He added: ‘Playing against Hawks, I thought their fans might be a bit negative but they were clapping along and cheering so we got a good reaction from everyone.

‘It makes the song better that a local band created it because we have been going to Privett Park for years and I know most the people at the club. Also, the song mentions places people can relate to so I think that’s why it has got so popular.’

Pinky is looking forward to Sunday’s game and will be going up to Wembley.

Gosport Borough face Cambridge United in the final which kicks off at 3pm.

He added: ‘All of us are going on Sunday and it will be great to hear our song being played.

‘I never thought when I wrote it that it would be played on such a big stage but the club was more than happy to put us forward for their song choice. It’s going to be really exciting.’

To give fans the chance to hear the song, the band are performing at the Green Dragon, on Rowner Road, in Gosport, on Friday.

They will be selling singles of the song for £2 and will be playing from 8pm.