Pupils evacuated as school staff spot deluge on the way

SOGGY The clean-up begins at Portsdown Primary
SOGGY The clean-up begins at Portsdown Primary
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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

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PORTSDOWN Primary School, Cosham, was evacuated after it was flooded.

Staff saw a heavy stream of water flowing down a hill at the back of the school’s playground, over the wall, and into the school shortly after 10am.

They evacuated the children to the upper school, which is in a higher part of the building, and a children’s centre in a different building.

One fire crew from Cosham arrived on the scene at 10.40am. The firefighters made a wall out of sandbags to protect the building from further flooding.

Irene Baldry, the school’s headteacher, said: ‘Water was rushing over the wall like a waterfall.

‘Within half an hour it had flooded five classrooms, the school hall, kitchen, my office and the hallway.

‘Half the school was under water – it was two and a half inches deep in some places.’