Pupils get top tips from West End star

WEST END QUEEN Pupils at the Stageskool enjoyed a workshop by Kerry Ellis, front row
WEST END QUEEN Pupils at the Stageskool enjoyed a workshop by Kerry Ellis, front row
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Budding singers and actors had the chance to learn from a West End star at a workshop last week.

Kerry Ellis, who has starred in Les Miserables and Wicked and is currently playing Grizabella in Cats, worked with children from the Stageskool in Gosport.

Nearly 50 children were treated to musical and theatrical workshops, with the West End ace also providing feedback on performances.

Kim Weir, who runs Stageskool at 
St Vincent College, said: ‘It was absolutely amazing to have Kerry do this for us.

‘A lot of the children were so excited, especially the older ones because they had seen her in Wicked and they were going to meet their idol.

‘Kerry said what wonderful talents they were.’

The pupils were split into younger and older age categories for Kerry to work with.

The younger ones, who ranged from five to 11 years old, acted out nursery rhymes, while those who were 12 years and over had to act out a soap and people had to guess what it was.

A lucky few even had the opportunity to sing a solo in front of their idol.

Alice McCaulder, 7, was one of those and Kim said: ‘It’s an honour to be able to sing for her.

‘Kerry loved Alice’s song. Alice has a really expressive face, which she liked.

‘Three boys sang Bruno Mars together and my daughter Bronte sang ‘When You’re Good to Mama’ from Chicago.’

Kerry only got back from Italy the night before, after promoting her new album with Brian May.

Steve Pritchett, who works with Kerry and other West End stars, also helped out and did renditions from musicals on the piano.

Kerry performed some of her hit songs and did a question and answer session with the youngsters afterwards.

‘Every time she sang, I wanted to cry because her voice is just so beautiful,’ said Kim.

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