Pupils hop on Portsmouth park and ride for project

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STUDENTS have been taking a ride on Portsmouth’s newest buses as part of a geography project about the sustainability of the city.

The Year 11 pupils from St Edmund’s Catholic School in Landport went on the park and ride buses as part of a field trip.

St Edmund's pupils (l-r) James Burrell, Charlie Nash, Ashleigh Diggins and Bobby Knight. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142572-1)

St Edmund's pupils (l-r) James Burrell, Charlie Nash, Ashleigh Diggins and Bobby Knight. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142572-1)

The two groups of 50 students were looking at how sustainable the buses are and how attractive the city is to live in.

Robert Sims is a geography teacher at the school.

He said: ‘We are thinking about the way that Portsmouth’s integrated policies are leading to a reduction in traffic in the city centre and how it might encourage more people to want to live in Portsmouth rather than move out.

‘The children love going out and collecting data. They have designed their own questionnaires and they have been asking people questions on the street.’

And Mr Sims said he hopes it will be useful for children in the future.

‘Geography is something that is so relevant to all of us in society,’ he added.

‘Whatever they learn here today they might think about in years to come.’

Pupil James Burrill, 15, said: ‘We are checking to see how Portsmouth could be made into a more sustainable city by looking at the new development in the city and how the buses are being run.

‘I find it quite enjoyable. It’s nice to see what’s being done to our city to make sure it’s more sustainable for the future.’

Ashlie Diggins, 16, added: ‘It’s a good idea because it works for a lot of people and it makes things easier for people to get about.’

Craig Lamberton is the operational transport planner for Portsmouth City Council. He said: ‘Hopefully they will go away and know more about the park and ride, its operation and how sustainable it is.

‘It’s good for them to understand a lot more about Portsmouth and what we are doing as a council to promote sustainable transport.’

The children will now produce a report as part of their GCSE coursework.