Put a yellow ribbon on your dog to tell others to steer clear

YELLOW FELLOW Mike Ward from the Stubbington Ark
YELLOW FELLOW Mike Ward from the Stubbington Ark
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A few days ago I had never heard of the Yellow Dog Project.

A few months ago, it did not exist.

Today it is has already swept through 43 countries and is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

I was alerted to its existence by a tweet from a friend. Investigating, I thought ‘this is a BRILLIANT idea!’

And, as with many such innovations ‘why has no-one thought of it before?’

So, what is it?

It started in Sweden in June to bring awareness to dogs that need space.

If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or something yellow, say a bandana, on its collar or lead, it’s a signal to say you should not approach the dog with your dog.

Just maintain your distance and give the dog and its owner time to move out of your way. It does not indicate aggression.

There are many reasons why a dog may need space: health issues, in training, being rehabilitated or simply that it may be scared or reactive around other dogs.

Discussing the idea with kennel staff and our animal welfare advisor we agreed to join up and apply the basic principles involved to the dogs in our care.

We think the Stubbington Ark may be the first RSPCA Shelter to do this and we hope to educate in simple terms, those who love dogs but may never have had a relationship with one of their own.

This project can only do good and encourage responsible dog ownership.

It relies on word-of-mouth to spread so let’s start here and now.

If you want to know more, visit their Facebook page, promote the Yellow Dog idea in your area, and encourage others to become aware!