Pylon car park’s in a state months after work done

Sampson Smith in the car park next to electricity pylons on the top of Portsdown Hill, at Southwick.
Sampson Smith in the car park next to electricity pylons on the top of Portsdown Hill, at Southwick.

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IT HAS been months since work to replace a pylon on Portsdown Hill has been done, but the site has still been left a mess.

Drayton resident Sampson Smith said he was frustrated that the area around the popular look-out spot had been left caked in chalk and mud after the replacement work in April.

The 62-year-old called on the Portsmouth City Council to get on with cleaning up the site around the car park at the top of the hill, which he says is dangerous to the walkers who use it. But months later, it is still in a state.

He said: ‘We pay our bills and you’d expect a bit more than this. It’s an insult and an eyesore.

‘An old dear could still break her ankle very easily.’

Mr Smith said the car park had been a beautiful spot before work took place and was popular with walkers and people who wanted to enjoy the views over Portsea Island and surrounds.

He said he was fed up that the council seemed to be dragging its feet on getting the area cleaned up.

He said: ‘It didn’t look like that before, it’s absolutely dreadful The banks they’ve got around the car park are still falling down.

‘The council needs to get on to these people and tell them they haven’t finished.’

Mr Smith said he had seen some workmen at the site in recent weeks, but they had made little impact on the site.

He said: ‘We had five men turn up with a digger and truck and they were there for two hours.

‘They moved a bit of ground and the telegraph poles around a bit and then they were gone.

‘What they’ve done is absolute rubbish, it’s a waste of time.’

Council cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport Councillor Linda Symes said she expected work to plant trees and clean up area would be competed by the end of the year.

She said: ‘Work is ongoing, as native trees will be planted to replace the ones that were taken down during the pylon works.

‘Trees can only be planted when dormant so they are expected to go in between November and February.

‘In the meantime, the area is undergoing minor landscaping and the council will manage to facilitate access and promote wildlife characteristic of Portsdown Hill.’