Python dumped in Gosport bin finds new home

Rufio the royal python
Rufio the royal python
Winston Churchill Avenue in Portsmouth. Police have not said where on the road the fatal crash happened. Picture: Google

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  • Rufio the royal python was found dumped in a bag inside a bin in Gosport
  • He was rescued and given a new home by Adara Rea
  • Now, Surrey and Hampshire Reptile Rescue want to find the original owner
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A 4FT python found dumped in a bin in Gosport has been given a new home.

Rufio the royal python was discovered last week with a number of health problems.

Rufio the royal python with new owner Adara Rea

Rufio the royal python with new owner Adara Rea

The snake was taken into care by the Surrey & Hampshire Reptile Rescue, which cares for rescued snakes, tortoises and lizards. The organisation quickly found Rufio a new home with Adara Rea.

Adara, who lives in Gosport, said: ‘I’m a lover of all animals including a python of my own, so when I heard that a python had been dumped I was livid.

‘How could anybody do that to any animal?’

Adara added that although Rufio had developed some health issues, they were easily treatable.

With the right set up a python is an easy and rewarding pet.

Adara Rea

She added: ‘Rufio is suffering from an upper respiratory infection and mouth rot, both of which are easy to treat if caught early.

‘With the right set-up, a python is an easy and rewarding pet. This one in particular has a fantastic nature.

‘I understand that situations happen – illness, financial difficulties – but there’s no harm in asking for help rather than let an animal suffer.’

Now Adara is helping Surrey and Hampshire Reptile Rescue to find Rufio’s original owner.

A spokeswoman said: ‘We were given Rufio last week when a lady found him.

‘She couldn’t afford to take him in so we had to find him a home.

‘Adara was happy to take him and now we want to find his original owner.

‘We’re asking for anyone who might recognised the python to get in touch.

‘They’re rarely dumped as people who own pythons have the experience to care for them.

‘We know he had health issues but they could have been treated.’

Anyone with information on Rufio should contact the group by searching for their page on Facebook.