Queen of clean Kim Woodburn defends Portsmouth after survey brands city homes among UK’s dirtiest

Kim Woodburn at The Kings Theatre in Southsea in 2011
Kim Woodburn at The Kings Theatre in Southsea in 2011
  • Portsmouth residents spend the least amount of time cleaning their homes, survey says
  • Celebrity cleaning star now defends her home city
  • She has branded the study ‘silly’
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CELEBRITY cleaning star Kim Woodburn has come to Portsmouth’s defence after a nationwide survey branded it one of the UK’s dirtiest cities.

A study of thousands of people in Britain revealed that Portsmouth residents spent an average of 3hrs 45min a week cleaning their homes – rating it the second-worst city in the UK behind Luton.

But now the I’m a Celebrity star, famed for being one half of the Kim and Aggy duo on the How Clean Is Your House? TV show, has hit back, calling the survey ‘silly’.

Kim, 74, who grew up in Suffolk Road, Eastney, said: ‘It’s a silly survey.

‘This is such a lukewarm survey when you think about it. It says nothing about how large someone’s home is, whether this is a family of five in a terraced house or a person living alone.’

The survey, conducted by London Cleaning System, showed that on average, people in the south of England spend less time cleaning their homes than their northern counterparts.

Residents living in Aberdeen topped the list, with people spending on average 5hrs 15min on their homes.

But Kim hit back, saying: ‘I’ve never found on my travels that one area is any more houseproud than the other.’

James Wilman runs his own cleaning firm and looks after hundreds of homes across Portsmouth, Fareham, Waterlooville and Chichester.

He defended the city, saying many people in Portsmouth were proud of their homes.

‘It’s rather harsh and unfair to say Portsmouth is a dirty city,’ said the Farlington-based cleaner.

‘I don’t think that after three-and-a-half hours of cleaning a week that it is possible to have a dirty home.

‘I can clean a whole house in two hours, so anyone spending three-and-a-half hours cleaning is plenty.’

Robin White, 20, a sports journalist from Gosport, was surprised by the results and said: ‘Three and a half hours? Is that it? I spend at least an hour cleaning every single day.

‘All the little things like washing up, taking the bins out and doing your laundry must take more than half an hour each day.’

Kim has now offered top tips to city residents on how to keep their homes spotless.

Emptying bins, cleaning fridges and wiping down surfaces was key, she said, adding: ‘It is easy – clean as you go and throw as you go. If you spill it, clean it. If it’s dusty, dust it!’