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Music teacher Simon Long
Music teacher Simon Long
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Ken Ebbens, Carers Council chairman, introduces us to his music teacher and talks about where he sings with others in a choir

In September 2015 Simon moved Fine Voice into new premises at 11 the Pallant, Havant, having spent the past year at the Watersports Centre in Eastern Road.

FV was founded by Simon to provide high quality vocal coaching and excellent music tuition.

Simon is influenced in his teaching from his own studies in Italy and regularly commutes to learn with teacher and busy tenore Maestro Marcello Merlini.

FV is committed to students learning to sing in a correct, safe and informative way.

The Italian vocal teaching techniques taught at FV are formed from Simon’s experience from his own studies over the past 30 years or more, including his early training of the Italian art of Bel Canto, his experience in musical theatre and his continuing opera studies in Italy.

These traditional vocal techniques are really important to any singer of any genre from opera to heavy metal.

FV encourages students to learn and perform a wide range of music helping to improve range, agility and musical appreciation.

Students receive the best vocal, musical and theory tuition and when proficient have plenty of opportunities to perform in public.

FV is able to provide the best start for young singers to professional musicians and offers a path of study in all genres towards grading examinations with major boards regarding higher educational studies in performance schools and music academies.

Where do I fit in with this? Welcome to my choir, Quay of Sea Voices (QoSV).

FV originally formed the group in April 2012 in partnership with a local cancer charity but now supports this group independently.

From this singing for health group, QoSV was formed and has been a busy part of FV, taking part in many concerts and shows for charity.

Over the last year they have helped FV and its members raise thousands of pounds for charities.

Interested in joining QoSV? All ages and abilities welcome – if I can do it you can. Come join us every Friday from 7pm to 9pm during school terms, still at the Watersports Centre and supported by manager, Nathan Staley.

It is free for cancer patients and their carers, performing being optional.

E-mail kenebbens@aol.com or Simon info@finevoice.co.uk or call (023) 9216 0300.