READER’S LETTER: Paulsgrove is always treated poorly

Workers clearing the Victorious site
Workers clearing the Victorious site
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It was good news reported in your paper that the site of the Victorious Festival was spotless – well done Colas (What a clean-up effort! Victorious Festival site left spotless one day on, Aug 29).

It’s a pity that the same could not be said about proper reinstatement after contractors dig up our pavements.

On the corner of Blakemere Crescent and Ludlow Road, Paulsgrove, utility works have been carried out and the area left in a terrible state.

I had a landscaped area created by Peter McClements of Leisure Services to mask an ugly electrical sub-station.

He did us proud and I remember him each time I pass the area.

Sadly, the electrical contractors have nearly destroyed what was a pleasant tree screen. The paving is uneven and strewn with debris.

I know that Paulsgrove is not a priority area and we are always treated as second-class citizens.

I’ve written to my councillor, but there had been no response and no-one cares.

I’m sure Councillor Linda Symes would be as annoyed with this as I am, but I do not have contact details.

Why are we treated this way?

It’s a form of prejudice and should be stopped.

I know the contractor will say it was okay when they finished and ‘local people are to blame’, but I have kept watch and that is not true. It was left a disgrace at the end of the work, so don’t use that old excuse.

Syd Rapson

Washbrook Road, Paulsgrove