READER’S LETTER: Will sugary diets affect life expectancy?

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RECENTLY there has been some concern shown over children’s diets and, at the other end of the spectrum, about an ageing population.

When it comes to diet the current generation have a wide access to a range of high-sugar items as well as a wide range of fruit.

It will be interesting to see what the future brings as regards life expectancy, with such increases in choice.

My generation, being raised on a wartime diet, had very little in the way of sweets; a situation not to change until the early 1950s.

As regards fruit, home-grown varieties were usually available, some on a seasonal basis.

If the premise is ‘moderation in everything’ we were forced participants and perhaps that is the reason for our increased longevity.

Future generations should not bank on this continuing.

Damage done when you are young cannot always be remedied when you get older.

If I remember correctly, rationing ended around 1952, but it took some time for available expenditure to increase significantly.

It is the children of the Sixties who felt the full benefit, so they may be the generation that will end the rising age of the population.

If so, a levelling off of the size of the population may still be some years ahead and immigration exceeding emigration also comes into the mix. But there is no doubt that whoever forms the government, they are going to have to make some major decisions in this area fairly soon, if this ‘green and pleasant land’ is to live up to its description.

EL Targett

Farthings Gate, Purbrook