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Re RH Abberley’s letter in response to your story – QA told: You failed your patients, Aug 24 – is he blaming the government for the poor hand hygiene of nurses and does he not know how critical this it to prevent the spread of MRSA and Cdiff – both of which can be fatal (Government to blame, Aug 26)?

Does he not realise how important it is that nurses maintain patients confidentiality, privacy and dignity and attend to them, not ignore them?

Drugs left unlocked etc, I could go on.

I worked as a trained nurse until five years ago at QAH.

Nurses often worked eight hours without a break, (I might add under various governments, but no matter how stretched we were the basic principles of nursing care were adhered to.

Nursing is a vocation and if you haven’t the commitment or care to be a nurse you shouldn’t be there.

Tony Hamlett’s comments on the Care Quality Commission and being an exercise for ‘finding fault’, in my opinion, is rubbish (Critics and moaners, Aug 26).

If he visited and worked (as I did agency nursing) in nursing homes (20 years ago and as cited in recent cases too) he would realise how vital these inspections are.

He would have seen patients’ food being eaten by staff, patients dealt roughly without privacy and dignity, pressure sores you could put your fist into.

One home in particular is ‘etched on my mind’ as it was horrendous.

I hope the chief executive will oversee changes so when the Care Quality Commission return they will see a ‘marked improvement’ at QAH.

V Petrie

Malvern Avenue, Fareham