Readers react to news Portsmouth's homeless bus is sent to BrightonÂ

FACEBOOK users have reacted with sadness at the news Portsmouth's homeless bus shelter has been sent to Brighton after the project failed in the city.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:26 am
The bus has been redecorated and sent to Brighton for use with Sussex Homeless Support

Some have said the homeless should have treated it better '“ others have said it was managed poorly.

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Portsmouth's homeless bus sent to Brighton after project's '˜heartbreaking' fail...

The Bus Project, started by Joanne Vines and Sammy Barcroft, saw a double-decker Stagecoach bus kitted out with beds and other facilities for homeless people in and around the city.

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Operation of the bus was handed over to The Robert Dolling Project and it was based at St Agatha's Church in Landport '“ but this move did not work out.

Carl Urquhart said: '˜Very sad loss indeed for the homeless, but unfortunately if it's not looked after and treated properly by those who use it, and the lack of financial support to keep it going, many knew this day would eventually come.'

Katie Davies said: '˜Such a shame, Portsmouth needs this. Maybe it was put into the wrong hands from day one!'

Sussex Homeless Support in Brighton already operates one bus for the homeless. This will be its second.

Stan Auld said: '˜It's a shame, but it just shows that some of the homeless people who used it had no respect for what people try to do by helping them...waste of time and hopefully the People of Brighton respect it.'

But Georgia Swift said: '˜Those who it was meant to support didn't get the opportunity to use it, therefore they should not be blamed. Despite their protestations The Robert Dolling Project failed to manage it well, and it was left in the charge of those unable to take care of it and who abused it as a result of their own problems.

'˜Portsmouth needs to support rough sleepers better, consider realistic solutions and address the root causes. I'm sure a more capable team will manage it well in Brighton. '˜Well done girls for the work and love they put in to the bus!'

Stephen C Hick said: '˜It was more woefully mismanaged than misused.'

The Robert Dolling Project has said there were many struggles in trying to protect the bus from misuse and vandalism, and that the team behind the project did clean it on a number of occasions.