Ready for some fun? Bust an uplifting rhyme for the Great South Run

We want to see your poems about the Great South Run
We want to see your poems about the Great South Run
  • Poetry competition launched for Morrisons Great South Run
  • Contest aims to inspire and motivate
  • Entries are open to people of all ages and abilities
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BUDDING poets have a new chance to express themselves ahead of the Great South Run.

Organisers of the 10-mile event have called for people to pen poems to inspire runners, and as homage to the city of Portsmouth.

David Hart, the communications director of race organiser Nova International, said the poetry competition gave people a chance to tell their stories and motivate others.

He said: ‘The idea is to capture the essence of what the run is all about – It should be a motivational call to action.

‘We would like to see something that will inspire people.’

The run, which is being sponsored by Morrisons for the first time this year, will take place on October 25.

It should be a motivational call-to-action.

David Hart

Mr Hart said the competition was open to people of all ages and they did not have to be competing. He said there were no restrictions, but poems should be under two minutes long when read out.

Mr Hart said the Great South Run was one of the most unique events of its kind and had been firmly established as the world’s top 10-mile events.

He said: ‘With the great views of the Isle of Wight and going past HMS Victory the run has got a really special place in Portsmouth’s heart.’

Portsmouth’s poet laureate Sam Cox, 40, of Southsea, said the competition was a perfect opportunity for poets.

Ms Cox said: ‘It’s really great that the organisers are doing something to help people share their experiences. The event itself is inspirational, not only for athletes but also for people who write.

‘When I moved to this city many years ago one of the first things that I saw was the Great South Run. It makes you really feel part of a community and part of something that’s happening.’

Portsmouth Cultural Partnership chairman Steve Pitt also said the competition was a great idea.

He said: ‘Anything that encourages creativity and artistic endeavour is really valuable. Sport is part of cultural activity and it’s great to see the two things being brought together.’

Mr Hart said a similar competition had been done in the lead-up to the Great Manchester Run which attracted a lot of inspiring entries.

How to enter

SEND your poem to Great South Run Poem, News Desk, The News, Lakeside 1000, North Harbour, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN or e-mail, putting ‘Great South Run Poem’ in the subject.

Poems must be a maximum of two minutes long when read out and should be motivational. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 14, 2015. The winning poet will receive:

* A framed Great South Run print.

* Two entries to this year’s GSR with VIP hospitality.

* A feature in the Great South Run magazine that goes to all runners.

* Potential feature on Great South Run TV broadcast (cannot be guaranteed).

* Feature on Great South Run website and social media.

* Potential for poem to be illustrated with film material from the event.

If you need an idea of what we are looking for, here are examples from the Morrisons Great Manchester Run

DO SOMETHING by Tony ‘Longfella’ Walsh

Do something to show them what you’re made of,

Do something you’ve never done before,

Do something to beat what you’re afraid of,

Do something to make your spirits soar.

Do something to get a little fitter,

Do something to celebrate your health,

Do something to prove you’re not a quitter,

Do something to prove it to yourself.

Do something to get your heartbeat pounding, pounding pounding,

Do something with all your heart and soul,

Do something to show you are astounding,

Do something and this is how you roll.

Do something for charities and causes,

Do something to overcome your fears,

Do something to learn what real applause is,

Do something to earn a city’s cheers.

Do something to match a city’s greatness,

Do something through sunshine and through rain,

Do something to make a burden weighless,

Do something through courage and through pain.

Do something for someone that you care for,

Do something to help out with the cost,

Do something for someone that you’re there for,

Do something for someone that you’ve lost.

Do something to tell someone you love them,

Do something for someone who is gone,

Do something for those with none above them,

Do something for someone who lives on.

Do something to stand out from the crowd,

Do something to shout: ‘I am alive!’

Do something to make a city proud,

Do something to shout I will survive.

Do something to show you don’t surrender,

Do something for those you owe a debt,

Do something a city will remember,

Do something a friend will not forget.

Do something to write yourself a story,

Do something for fitness or for fun,

Do something for goodness or for glory,

Do something - the Great Manchester Run.

TODAY WE’VE LEARNED by Tony ‘Longfella’ Walsh

Today we’ve learned how people make a city,

today we’ve learned how streets can speak aloud,

Today we’ve learned the clock does not show pity,

Today we’ve learned how time can make us proud.

Today we’ve learned that strength comes with a duty,

Today we’ve learned that passion of a place,

Today we’ve learned that courage has a beauty,

Today we’ve learned that struggle has a grace.

Today we’ve learned how one can help the many,

Today we’ve learned how many help the few,

Today we’ve learned the worth of every penny,

Today we’ve learned what unity can do.

Today we’ve learned to love more and to hate less,

Today we’ve learned to rise up when we fall,

Today we’ve learned there’s greatness in us all.