Recent bad weather could have affected local heritage

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STORMY weather could have had an impact on our local heritage, the Maritime Archaeology Trust has said.

The Trust says that many sites of historical interest could be being destroyed by the battering storms.

The Solent’s historic coastal landscapes, shipwrecks and submerged settlements are continually affected by weather and erosion.

The charity aims to research, record and protect clues to our past and fundraises to undertake exploratory and reparatory dives but, in the recent adverse conditions, monitoring these sites is high risk for archaeology dive teams.

Gary Momber, director of the Trust said: ‘Although a handful of shipwrecks are protected by law against damage by humans, we sadly can’t control the weather.

‘With these types of submerged landscapes, erosion can be close to a metre a year and the recent storms will only exacerbate this situation.

‘This is a land that fell foul of climate change 8,000 years ago and can give an insight into those changes. I would like to see us learn from events in the past rather than just sit by and watch these unique sites get washed away.’

The charity is launching a fundraising campaign to support a programme of archaeology dive teams to visit the Solent’s underwater archaeological sites during 2014.

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