Redman: Pompey partnership with University of Portsmouth was a top priority

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Andy Redman revealed integrating Pompey with the city even further was a ‘top priority’ after the University of Portsmouth was announced as the club’s new main sponsor.

The Blues have penned a three-year partnership with the university and their logo will don the front of the club’s shirts from the start of next season.

Andy Redman. Picture: Neil Marshall

Andy Redman. Picture: Neil Marshall

Redman is ‘thrilled’ to have joined forces with the University of Portsmouth.

Pompey’s director said: ‘We’re really excited. For us, this was a top priority to integrate the club even more into the city.

‘Everybody knows the university has been improving year after year in the league tables and we have the same ambition with Pompey.

‘There’s no more organic partnership than working with your university and it’s also nice to know as we roll out new Nike kits next season they’ll have the word Portsmouth on the front.

‘As our understanding, it’s the first-ever time the word Portsmouth will appear on the front of the jersey in 120 years, which to us is fantastic, especially because of the long-term ambition.

‘In this community, there’s no other group more important than the university and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them.’