REGIONAL: Warning over ‘contaminated’ drugs being sold ahead of Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride takes place this weekend. Picture: David Parry/ PA Wire
Brighton Pride takes place this weekend. Picture: David Parry/ PA Wire
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Police have warned of a ‘potentially dangerous’ batch of ‘contaminated’ drugs being sold ahead of Brighton Pride.

The ‘Chupa Chups’ pills - also known as Chompa Chumps which are shaped with a similar logo to the children's lollipop - are linked to recent deaths, according to the city's drugs and alcohol service Pavilions.

They are being passed off as ecstasy or MDMA but are filled with other substances, the organisation which is linked to charity Mind said on Twitter.

A Sussex Police spokesman: ‘Police want people to enjoy Pride this weekend and keep safe.

‘We are aware of reports warning of a potentially dangerous illegal drug, information of which is being shared widely across Sussex.

‘There is always a risk in taking any drugs and we urge people to stay safe. The devastating effect of drug use can have a much wider impact than just on the person taking them.

‘Most illegal drugs are cut with other substances, substances which could have an adverse effect on your body and cause serious illnesses and in extreme circumstances, death.

‘The best advice is not to take any drugs.’

Brighton and Hove City Council's public health consultant Dr Peter Wilkinson also said it was aware of the reports and looking into the drugs concerned.

Separately, officers arrested three men in Brighton on Wednesday on suspicion of intent to supply and conspiracy to supply who were released under investigation after £5,000 in cash and drugs were found in a flat.

Crystal meth was seized from another house.