Reminder to think of best way to recycle

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HOUSEHOLDS are being advised on how to slim down their waste by using alternative recycling facilities.

East Hampshire District Council is urging people to think about what can be recycled and where.

There are glass bottle recycling banks across the district and Christmas trees can be put out with the garden waste collection.

Unwanted clothes can be recycled at clothing banks.

Rob Heathcock, the council’s waste team manager, is encouraging everyone to take part.

‘New Year is the perfect opportunity to reduce household waste by using the network of recycling facilities across the district.

‘Recycling and reusing our materials is a great way to save money and resources and if you are not doing so already the New Year is the ideal opportunity to get off to a perfect start,’ he said.

‘I hope everyone will take this opportunity to make sure that they recycle or reuse as much as possible and remind themselves which items we collect for recycling.’