Repair bill estimated at at least £3m as weather causes more damage to South Parade Pier

A hole in the deck on the west side of South Parade pier.
A hole in the deck on the west side of South Parade pier.
The 58-year-old was last seen in the Tipner area of Portsmouth on the morning of Monday, January 15.

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THE TRUST seeking to take over South Parade Pier says ‘at least £3m’ is needed to repair it.

Bad weather has caused holes which are growing towards each other from the east and west sides of the seaward end of the Southsea attraction. As reported, the South Parade Trust wants to buy the venue, but its owners Fred Nash and Dawn Randall say they are talking to another potential buyer.

They have yet to reveal who that is because they claim there is a confidentiality agreement in place.

Leon Reis, chairman of the trust, said: ‘If there is a reputable buyer for the pier talking to its owners and to Portsmouth City Council, they must understand that they are going to need millions of pounds for repairs, or the pier will be needlessly lost for want of maintenance.

‘Any new owners will need at least £3m to start making a proper job of the whole pier.’