Rescued Harry warns others over Paulsgrove chalkpits

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A 10-YEAR-OLD boy who had to be rescued from the chalkpits at Paulsgrove has urged other youngsters not to copy him.

Youngster Harry Griffiths had been out with friends when they decided to scale the restricted chalkpits, off Lime Grove, to explore the caves.

But Harry, of Beverston Road quickly became stuck 50ft above the ground – sparking a dramatic rescue by firefighters.

Harry, a pupil at Paulsgrove Primary School, said: ‘I was climbing the chalkpit to get to the cave.

‘I was trying to get higher before I got stuck.

‘I was with six other people who had all jumped down and left me there.

‘I was scared and frightened to be up there.

‘A policeman came and asked me if I was stuck.

‘When I said yes he called the fire service, then he stayed there to keep me calm, which worked.

‘Then the firemen came and helped me down safely.

‘I would never go up there again and would say to other people that they shouldn’t either.’

PC Nick Mills, of Cosham police station, had been out patrolling the area when he spotted Harry in trouble.

PC Mills said: ‘There are some caves up there and there is a ramp of chalk to get to the entrance.

‘The boy was with some young lads, but they had climbed down and were absolutely covered in chalk.

‘His friends had just stood there laughing at him.

‘I was patrolling the area and saw him there so shouted to see if he was alright.

‘He was very embarrassed and asked if I could help him down.

‘The trouble was he was trying to scramble down, but he might’ve slipped.

‘I called the fire service, who helped him down.

‘Luckily he wasn’t injured, but we want to discourage people from going up there.

‘The ground is really unstable as it’s chalk which makes it quite slippery.’

Harry visited the crew that rescued him at Cosham fire station to apologise and say thank you.

Cosham firefighter Al Patrick said: ‘The pits are not for playing in.’