Residents and business people given the chance to have their say on plans for Emsworth’s North Street

  • Emsworth Cottage Hospital has been standing emtpty for two years
  • There are plans to redevelop it
  • Forum wants to take opportunyt to improve North Street at the same time
  • Plans out for public consuiltation
Have your say

Bold ideas have been put forward to improve an important street.

The Emsworth Forum commissioned design experts to look into how North Street can be transformed to improve the road and make it more welcoming.

In our recent survey people said that North Street needs a boost and the re-development of the hospital site is a major opportunity for the town

Stephanie Elsy

The redevelopment of the now-closed Emsworth Cottage Hospital is seen as an opportunity to spruce up the whole area.

Residents, businesses and property owners are being invited to comment on the report by AECOM.

Among the ideas are changing the layout with crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, reducing the width of the carriageway and widening the footpath, and traffic calming to reduce speed near shops.

Stephanie Elsy, chairwoman of the Emsworth Forum, said: ‘In our recent survey people said that North Street needs a boost and the redevelopment of the hospital site is a major opportunity for the town.

‘We were offered this expert consultancy to help develop the neighbourhood, so this seemed like a good area for the independent planners to look at.

‘They have come up with some bold and interesting ideas and we are very keen to know what people who live, work and have an interest in Emsworth think about them.

‘I urge everyone who cares about Emsworth to tell us what they think.

‘We will also be writing formally to interested parties, like the residents, businesses and property owners in North Street to get their reaction too.’

The report suggests reducing the width of the road and widening the footpath to provide a place where people can sit to pass the time.

Parking spaces in front of the Tesco supermarket could be installed and street furniture moved.

It could be funded by a public-private partnership to improve the public space, declutter the building facades and create a more attractive environment.

There is even a suggestion the library could be moved to the fire station if it needs to be relocated in future.

To view and comment on the plans go to or view them in Emsworth Library and the Emsworth Community Association.

Feedback can be given online or in the library and at community centre before the end of October.