Residents’ anger as anti-parking bollards are placed in Gosport road

Karen Klux with neighbour Paula Bentley
Karen Klux with neighbour Paula Bentley
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NEIGHBOURS are furious after a council put up bollards stopping them parking on a grass verge.

People living in Tudor Close, Gosport, returned from work on Thursday to find stoppers, put up by roads authority Hampshire County Council, outside their homes.

The street, which has flats and houses, only has eight parking spaces – fewer than half the number of houses.

To combat the problems, people would park illegally in disabled spaces and on the grass verge. But the bollards have put a stop to this.

Karen Flux has a disabled daughter but when the disabled spot was filled, she would park on the grass.

Now she fears she might have to park down a separate road and walk to her house with her daughter Amber who suffers from a complex form of spina bifida.

And her caravan is parked in her back garden, meaning she can’t get it back on to the road.

Karen said: ‘If the bollards are permanent, I will ask the council to move me because I can’t park too far away from my home.

‘We were not told about the bollards or even consulted on them. They just appeared during the morning and a lot of people came home from work to see their parking spaces limited.

‘There just aren’t enough spaces to serve everyone here and we have told the council that.

‘I don’t see why the council can’t turn the grass into parking spaces for us.’

Karen added that the grass was often churned where people parked on it but no-one had ever slipped.

‘There doesn’t seem to be a safety issue, so I have no idea why they put them in,’ she said.

‘As they didn’t tell us, I’m now stuck with the caravan on my garden.’

Her neighbour Paula Bentley is frustrated with the council, saying it should have warned them.

‘They could have told us beforehand,’ she said.

‘Last year we did receive a letter saying if people kept parking on the grass they would change it.

‘But I thought that meant they would put in extra parking, not take it away.’

The county council said the bollards were put in following complaints.

A spokesman said: ‘Following several complaints of damage to the verge caused by cars, 15 “dragons’ teeth” have been placed on the verge to prevent cars parking there.’