Residents’ anger as Portchester gardens left in ‘desperate’ state

Resident of Admiral Place Michelle Male and resident of Flagship House Norman March. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142556-6446)
Resident of Admiral Place Michelle Male and resident of Flagship House Norman March. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142556-6446)

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ANGRY residents of flats have called for weeds, untrimmed bushes and patchy lawns in their gardens to be spruced up.

Residents from Admiral Place and Flagship House in Nelson Avenue, Portchester, said they are unhappy about the state of their shared grounds.

Pensioner Norman March has been leading the complaints and said that residents were upset about the grounds maintenance work carried out by company DMA Chartered Surveyors.

Mr March, 83, said: ‘It really is not good enough.

‘It is desperate. We are angry that they have let this situation occur.’

Mr March said the residents of the 23 flats pay a yearly fee of £2,000 towards ground maintenance, which is supposed to provide fortnightly visits.

He said these visits had not been carried out over the summer, which had led to weeds coming through and the residents having to trim the hedges themselves.

Mr March said: ‘The people the company employed were simply not up to it, they had no sensitivity, let alone any horticultural knowledge.’

Mr March said he feared that as the grounds had been left for so long, it would be a very lengthy and costly process to bring them back to an acceptable state.

He said: ‘These gardens have been here for seven years so they should be in full bloom by now.’

Samantha Simpson, from DMA, said there had been a ‘brief’ interruption in gardening services, claiming the previous gardener, who was a resident, left and failed to notify the company.

Ms Simpson added: ‘Following this it appears that all garden maintenance stopped.

‘A meeting was held on site in July 2014 and as a result we served notice on the existing gardener and appointed a new contractor with effect from August 18.

‘The new contractor is carrying out a thorough garden overhaul prior to commencing regular landscaping works.

‘We are also programming a specialist treatment of the lawn and arranging a programme of replanting in the autumn.’

She apologised to the residents and invited concerned residents to make suggestions to the replanting scheme.

Mrs Simpson added: ‘We are continuing to monitor the situation and working with all parties concerned to resolve it as soon as possible.’