Residents angry over Hot Walls litter

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PEOPLE have spoken of their anger after rubbish was left all over a beach in Old Portsmouth.

Pictures show litter strewn all over the pebbles at the Hot Walls as people flocked there to soak up the hot weather.

And readers of The News were left disgusted at the amount of rubbish left behind.

Anthony Nicholas posted: ‘It is disgusting, people should take their litter home, or the council should put a bin on the beach so people are able to put rubbish/litter in there,’ while Victoria Scott added: ‘People with absolutely no respect, proper shameful.’

Pauline Waterman wrote: ‘Disgusting. What a disgrace to our lovely area,’ with Pat Beevers posting: ‘Lots of people just plain lazy. We were always taught to collect our stuff and take home or put in a nearby bin.’

Debbie Chamberlain branded it ‘disgusting’ and said: ‘British residents should be ashamed.’

Other people said the bins need to be more prominent as currently they are not on the beach but outside the arches.

Richard Price posted: ‘Where are the bins? If there’s a bin near them then people will use them,’ while Dean Sergeant added: ‘Lets blame the council for lack of bins in the area. Yes they would still leave stuff but there are no bins on the beaches.’

A spokeswoman for the council said they are aware of the problems.

She added: ‘This area is cleaned daily and all litter removed and the bins emptied.

‘It is not acceptable to leave litter on the beach and we would remind visitors to the seafront to remember to use the bins provided.’