Residents annoyed at plans for '˜noisy' machinery plant metres from their homes

Residents are annoyed over a planning application for a '˜noisy' machinery plant near their homes.

Saturday, 15th July 2017, 10:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:05 pm
Sam Dockerill, Paul Dockerill, Adrian Gough, Gary Caws standing on the site for the proposed soil washing facility. Picture: Sam Dockerill

CONCERNED residents have voiced their anger over a proposed ‘noisy’ soil recycling plant.

Waste management company Minerals and Materials UK Ltd has submitted a planning application for a soil screening and washing facility in Pegham Industrial Estate,Lavey’s Lane, Fareham.

People have been voicing their concerns to Hampshire County Council about increased traffic on the roads surrounding the site, disruption to wildlife and the noise that will come from this industrial operation.

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Sam Dockerill, of Lavey’s Lane, is 10 metres away from the proposed scheme.

‘I would have expected the council to notify by letter more than the 34 addresses it selected,’ he said.

‘This development also affects everyone that uses Titchfield Lane, therefore many residents of Wickham, Knowle, Funtley, Titchfield and further afield. ‘It should be noted that once the Welbourne development is underway, the pressure on Titchfield Lane and Fontley Road will also be vastly increased.’

A noise assessment estimated the equipment would create 86 decibels of noise.

Sam added: ‘I am very concerned about this planning application and the noise from the facility will mean I will have no quality of life.’

Pauline McIntosh, whose elderly parents have lived in Titchfield Lane for over 30 years, said: ‘This is a quiet country lane used by cyclists, horse riders, walkers and the golf players of Wickham Golf Club.

‘It is a haven for wildlife. We now find ourselves with only a short time to protest.’

There have been more than 30 public objections and consultation comments from residents including many concerns about the increased use of the road by large lorries.

Funtley Village Society has objected to the application.

In a letter they said: ‘We believe that if you were to allow this substantially increased heavy lorry movement on Fontley Road and Titchfield Lane then you are effectively trapping us in our village.’

Jacob Hoare, director, said: ‘Minerals & Material UK Ltd submitted a planning application in April 2017 for a soil screening and washing plant at Pegham Industrial Estate.

‘The plant will recycle 100,000 tonnes per year of soil excavated from local construction sites in to recycled aggregates, which can then be used back in to those same sites.’

Responding to concerns he said he had spoken to firms in the area but added: ‘In hindsight we should have tried to engage with the locals more and we are trying to remedy that now and discussing their concerns.

Mr Hoare said he would happily listen to residents and would resubmit the application even if it took more money and time if it would make them happy.