Residents called on to be school governors

Paul Nelson outside Portsmouth Crown Court at an earlier hearing

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A CALL is going out for more Portsmouth residents to become school governors in the New Year.

Portsmouth City Council is encouraging local people from 'all walks of life' to give the role a try.

Cllr Terry Hall, the council's education chief, said: 'Being a school governor is a really worthwhile and rewarding thing to do. You have a key role in a school and its local community.

'School governors can take part in all aspects of school life.

'They're just ordinary people, interested in helping children realise their dreams through good education.

'It's up to you how much you would like to be involved. You learn a lot of business and other skills which can be useful in your career, and we can help train you.'

School governors make decisions about a range of issues to improve the standard of education in a school.

Anyone interested should call 023 9284 1716, email or search 'governor' at