Residents fear Solent Forts truck nuisance at Gosport’s Royal Clarence Yard will continue

  • Hotel firm Clarenco has submitted an application to use its current offices for storage and distribution as well
  • Residents are unhappy with the application as the noise from the trucks is loud
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NEIGHBOURS have hit out at a hotel company after it submitted an application to change the use of an office it owns.

Clarenco, which owns the Solent Fort hotels, has put in the application to Gosport Borough Council for its office at Royal Clarence Yard to also be used for storage and as a distribution centre.

The application is not a good thing for residents or the development of Royal Clarence Yard.

Andrew McAllister

Residents living in the area, off Weevil Lane, were unhappy with the influx of trucks and lorries which started in July.

Now, they are hoping that Gosport Borough Council refuses the application which would allow the trucks and lorries to continue making stops at the building.

Resident Andrew McAllister said: ‘The application is not a good thing for residents or the development of Royal Clarence Yard.

‘It is offering no benefits to people living here or to the site itself because it’s not a retail unit or a restaurant.

‘I don’t see why they cannot move into Clarence Wharf which is an industrial unit just up the road.’

A 72-year-old resident, who asked not to be named, said she was also unhappy with the application.

‘If they knew residents didn’t like the noise, why have they put in the application?’ she said.

‘It is inconsiderate of them and I hope council will understand how noisy it has been for use recently.’

On the application, it states the office use will be used from 8am until 5pm every day of the week – including bank holidays.

But for the new use of storage and distribution, the form says opening hours will be 9am until 5pm Monday to Saturday.

But Mr McAllister said the office is sometimes open as early as 6am.

‘With so many deliveries like laundry and food, I don’t know how they guarantee that distribution will stop at 5pm,’ he said.

‘They are just telling people what they want to hear and I hope the council will listen to what the residents have to say.’

David Lobb, estates director, said: ‘We’re sorry to hear of these complaints from local residents.

‘This application is part of our intention to tackle this situation and move towards a solution that all parties can be satisfied with.’