Residents in favour of green tax in Havant

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PEOPLE living in Havant have shown they are right on when it comes to going green.

The majority of the 150 people questioned about climate change during last month’s Havant Goes Greener Week said they would be in favour of a green tax.

Ray Cobbett, from Havant Friends of the Earth, said he was pleasantly surprised by the results of the survey.

Mr Cobbett said: ‘Half the respondents said they understood the basics of climate change.

‘Two-thirds were very interested in knowing more and the same number felt they knew enough to reduce their carbon footprints.

‘Walking and shopping locally were the greenest activities for most while car sharing was the lowest.

‘Energy-saving measures such as turning down thermostats, switching off standbys and boiling just enough water are widely adopted, as was double glazing, and water butts are rising in popularity.

‘It’s a small sample and a larger one could show a somewhat different picture but the overall message is encouraging.’

Ninety per cent of people said they knew a lot about recycling with 68 per cent in favour of some green taxes.

Glass was the most widely recycled material followed by textiles and shoes with books and DVDs at the bottom of the list. Many felt Havant could become greener with more local shops stocking locally grown food.