Residents left without water after pump issue

Warrior House
Warrior House
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RESIDENTS in a block of flats have been left without water for a week.

People living in Warrior House, on The Hard, in Portsmouth, had said they have had to shower at friends’ houses and use bottled water to clean the dishes or fill the kettle.

But the residents claim they are in the dark about what the exact problem is and when the water will be turned back on.

Candee Shu Yee, who lives in the flats, said the maintenance company, Bernard Estates, said: ‘All of the residents in the nine flats have been without water for a number of days now.

‘We noticed there was a problem on Friday because the water wasn’t working.

‘So we all made a number of calls to our maintenance agency who sent someone out to see what was wrong.

‘After looking, they said the pump was broken – but that was it.’

The residents affected by the issue have said they were not given a full explanation about how the pump was broken.

And Candee said the only advice they were given was to buy bottled water.

‘When they sent the engineer, they couldn’t repair it there and then,’ she said.

‘So, we called the company and all they told us was to buy bottled water and use friends’ homes to wash.

‘This is obviously an inconvenience for us all.

‘But I think a couple of the residents have children so where are they meant to wash?

‘To keep going back and forth must be a real hassle.’

Engineers were due to look at the pump today.

However residents have said they are still unsure when the problem will be fixed.

Candee added: ‘I am just disappointed with all the uncertainty that has surrounded this problem.

‘We don’t know what the exact problems are or when they will be fixed.

‘There is only so-long that we can shower in other places and go without water.’

Bottles of water were delivered to the residents yesterday but they weren’t told if this was a one-off gesture or if it would be supplied daily.

Bernard Estates was last night unavailable to comment.