Residents trapped in Waterlooville road after Hampshire County Council fail to tell them of closure

Norman Berry is annoyed his road was closed without warning
Norman Berry is annoyed his road was closed without warning
  • Waterlooville residents angry at road closure
  • Hampshire County Council fail to warn residents properly
  • Road resurfacing closes off only exits for neighbours
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WORKERS left a pensioner marooned from his home after closing a road to resurface it.

Norman Berry could not believe it when he arrived back to find the way blocked to Lower Bere Wood in Waterlooville.

I was told that I would have to leave my car and walk down to my house

Norman Berry

Hampshire County Council contractors were resurfacing the whole of the adjoining street – Lancaster Way – but had closed both exits from the road in the process, meaning there was no way to drive to Lower Bere Wood.

Mr Berry, 68, said: ‘I came back from dropping my daughter off at work to find that I couldn’t get back into the road. I was told that I would have to leave my car and walk down to my house.’

The road was last resurfaced several years ago.

Then, one exit from Lancaster Way was closed while half of the road resurfaced and vice-versa, allowing access to Lower Bere Wood at all times.

‘I don’t understand why they couldn’t do that,’ said Mr Berry. ‘It would have been much easier, then we wouldn’t have had to have left our cars.’

Residents say signs advertising the road surfacing were not clear.

Ruth Ellard said: ‘They never made it clear what date the work would take place.

‘We wanted to go out and do things so it is a bit of an inconvenience for us.’

Many of the residents in Lower Bere Wood were put out by the closure including the disabled and elderly.

‘I saw my neighbour who is disabled and his wife try to get up the road and she had to walk up to road to try to get the workmen to open the road,’ said Mr Berry.

Others found it difficult to get taxis and deliveries to their house.

A county council spokeswoman denied that the road had been blocked and said: ‘We always try to minimise disruption to residents while we carry out any road improvement works, and provide advance information.

‘This includes advance warning signs stating the start date and duration of the works, and a letter drop to nearby residents sent around six weeks before works are due to start.

‘We have checked and can confirm this was done here.

‘We can also confirm that access was maintained to Lower Bere Wood at all times, although our contractors did ask some residents to wait a few minutes at times while they moved machinery.’