Residents upset over building traffic in road

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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

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NEIGHBOURS say their lives have been made a misery after a building firm began using their street as an access route.

Residents are unhappy that PMC Construction Ltd drivers are using Beck Street, Portsea, as the main route to a disused warehouse in Queen Street.

The builders have been taking materials to the warehouse for storage as part of work on new student accommodation.

James Jewitt, of Beck Street, says a forklift truck and lorries used by the firm damage the road surface and cause parking problems.

The 51-year-old said: ‘There is a forklift truck which goes up and down my road every day and its making my life a misery.

‘The vehicles have created cracks in the road and the noise is terrible.’

Double yellow lines have been removed outside the warehouse so lorries can unload and pick up materials.

Tim Kemp, customer liaison officer for PMC, said: ‘We are currently doing a job for a client which is trying to improve the area with student accommodation.

‘We have permits for everything we use and we only use the forklift truck when it is needed.

‘Beck Street is the only accessible route and we always keep neighbours informed about what we are doing.

‘I am not aware of us causing any damage to the road. We carry out regular checks and if any problems arise we will make sure to correct them at the end of the project.’