Restaurant owners calls for others to join him in giving

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A DEDICATED fundraiser is calling on people to support charities.

Businessman Abu-Suyeb Tanzam donates one night’s takings each year to good causes and helps others throughout the year.

Now he is urging others to step up and help those in need in society.

Mr Tanzam, who runs the takeaway Gandhi in Anjou Crescent, Fareham, said: ‘It’s important to work with local people.

‘These are the things I’m really passionate about. A small contribution to a charity makes a difference.

‘It inspires me and makes me feel better when I try and do something for the community. I am proud of my customers’ help.’

Mr Tanzam formally launched his fundraising evening eight years ago and has raised thousands of pounds since then.

Each year the cash raised goes to the mayor of Fareham’s chosen charities, and to Cancer Research UK.

Mr Tanzam chose this charity as he has seen so many friends and customers die due to cancer.

But it was a return to his home city Moulvibazar in Bangladesh during flooding in 1984 that started his fundraising.

He and others raised cash and delivered supplied to support people suffering under the floods.

And to this day he is still supporting orphans and others less fortunate by helping with their education.

He said: ‘I’ve seen how people are affected by this. Our small medical help made a difference to those people affected by floods.

‘That’s what moved me to help those people, that inspired me for my work.’

Now as charities in the Portsmouth area continue to struggle with funding, Mr Tanzam wants people to be inspired to make a change.

He added: ‘Most of the charities are running on fundraising, they don’t get support from the government and the government couldn’t support every charity.

‘We ask people not to give big money but a small contribution makes a difference on a bigger scale. I can’t give £10,000 but my £1,000 will be added into the pot to help.’