Revamp for beauty spot near major road

GRAZING Cattle will be introduced to Dell Piece West
GRAZING Cattle will be introduced to Dell Piece West
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CATTLE could soon move in to spruce up a nature reserve next to the A3.

Horndean Parish Council wants to have grazing animals on Dell Piece West, Horndean, close to the Morrisons supermarket.

The aim is to help improve the diversity of wildlife and make it look more attractive.

Overgrown grass and shrubs has meant only a limited number of plants and animals can live at the site.

Dell Piece West covers 16 acres and is a mixture of open grassland and woodland. There is also a shallow pond.

John Telford, project manager at the parish council, said: ‘Dell Piece West is in need of attention, and hopefully towards the end of the summer it will be looking a lot more well-kept, as we have more manpower available than we used to.

‘Grazing on Dell Piece West will be extremely beneficial to wildlife, due to the lack of vegetation management there in the past.

‘Cattle will help to break down rank vegetation and rough grassland and we will begin to see a much greater diversity in the plant life there, as a result.

‘This will contribute significantly to the overall biodiversity of the site.’

Cattle grazing would only be possible if fencing was built.