REVEALED: The Hampshire road branded one of ‘UK’s deadliest’

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THE A32 in Hampshire has been branded as one of the most dangerous roads in the UK, according to statistics.

Figures collected by vehicle telematics firm Quartix analysed rural, single lane carriageways with a 60mph speed limit.

From this list, the A32 in the Meon Valley made the top 10 – showing that experienced drivers slow down significantly more through this area.

According to the Department for Transport, insurers are increasingly requiring younger drivers to fit a telematics device to their vehicle so they can monitor their driving style.

Andy Walters, Quartix CEO, said: ‘This research shows that experienced drivers are ditching the statutory speed limit and driving at what they consider to be a safe speed on rural roads.

‘The problem is young drivers are often taught to drive ‘to the limit’ and this, put simply, is dangerous and often life threatening.

‘In many ways, parents telling their children to stick to the speed limit is the worst possible advice they can give.

‘In an ideal world parents would be in the car alongside their children at all times to advise them on when to slow down and when it’s safe to go faster.’

Director of Sky Insurance Brokers Jae Pearce added: ‘The first 2,000 miles of a young driver’s career are the most dangerous, accounting for 80 per cent of all claims.

‘However, we believe this new technology based on the average flow rate of rural roads rather than the technical speed limit is genuinely saving lives.’