REVIEW: Bear’s Den at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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It’s nights like these which make it easy to see why indie folk rock is very much alive and kicking.

An honourable mention goes to the opening act, Lisa Mitchell.

It’s never easy to go on stage with just a guitar, but the audience were listening to her every word.

In a genre which could be considered as quite saturated, Bear’s Den - the boys from west London – manage to put a new kind of twist on things.

This comes across in their live performances with a slow build that leads to a huge crescendo.

The band’s realisation that they were playing to a sold out crowd didn’t faze them and they tried, but failed, to get some audience participation going.

However, by the time the band played ‘Sophie Unplugged’, the fans had warmed up nicely. So much so the band joked about not returning for an encore, saying bands never walk off stage and come back on.

Thankfully the band did re-emerge, standing in the middle of the crowd for an acoustic rendition of Bad Blood.