Review: Everything Everything at the Pyramids, Southsea

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Fresh from a signing at Pie and Vinyl, Everything Everything take over from the support – Stealing Sheep – to share their latest instalment, ‘Get to Heaven’.

New material can be tricky and it’s safe to say the evening takes some time to warm itself up.

The usual atmosphere in the Pyramids seems lost and I sense I’m not the only one with this thought, given the amount of people I catch checking their Facebook notifications.

The Mancunian quartet play new tracks such as ‘Blast Doors’ and whilst they deliver some promise, they’re quickly pipped by favourites such as the Ivor Novello nomination ‘Kemosabe’.

Front man Jonathan Higgs – dressed as what could only be described as an Altar boy – commands the top of the stage, gifting us with his falsetto sermon.

‘Radiant’ and ‘Cough Cough’ turns the level of attention and suddenly, we have lift off.

‘Photoshop Handsome’ strobes out to the fluorescent lights and finally to a resounding applause, we have ‘My KZ UR BF’.