REVIEW: Jamie Raven Live - Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Magical maestro Jamie Raven
Magical maestro Jamie Raven
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The magician who mesmerised Simon Cowell and successfully triumphed as runner-up for Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 Final came to Fareham to kick off his current tour.

Jamie Raven charmed a packed audience at Ferneham Hall when he kept both young and old entertained with illusions, magical deception and many clever card tricks up his sleeves.

With a buzzing atmosphere the audience participation was imperative for the 33-year-old magician who has loved performing since the tender age of 10.

His act included the use of one audience member’s iPhone, another one’s sentimental ring and a twisting kitchen fork too.

An audience often left silenced when the tricks were concluded by Jamie and many cries and loud gasps of ‘shut up’ or ‘really’ could be heard loudly after he correctly predicted something live on stage using his statement magical touches.

Those who possibly disbelieved him were left gobsmacked by this live stage act when the use of untampered props made evident by the on-stage camera crew including refreshments available thanks to the magicians clever milk.

Jamie effortlessly continues to do something he loves and making his audience ‘believe’ at the same time.

This entertainer clearly had all of the audience captured with a great show from start to finish and happily met with his fans afterwards in the foyer too.

The Jamie Raven live show can be seen all over the UK until the end of February 2017.