REVIEW: Rhythm of the 90s at the Pyramids

Rhythm of the 90s
Rhythm of the 90s
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If Rhythm is a dancer and you have your soul companion, then a night spent with this fully live seven-piece 90s dance cover band at the Pyramids, Southsea is a night you can expect to get ultimately very sweaty while reminiscing a nineties tune or two.

This band gained an astounding 15,000 fans in the heat at the bandstand last August and on Saturday night the heat reached the same heights in February too.

With glow stick in the hands of most revellers and many a sweat drop dripping into their plastic cups while dancing their socks off to a tune by Faithless, Prodigy, N Trance and a few 90s cheesy numbers too.

This band certainly know how to keep a dance floor packed while wearing their Adidas-emblazoned hoodies and 90s bucket hats, they really keep the energy and atmosphere wild since their birth in 2012.

Most people, maybe old enough to be grandparents by now, reminisce an era when pagers, the Sony Walkman and Tamagotchi were popular and when music was acid rave and Brit pop.

If you’re expecting Spice Girls stuff then think again – this band want you to rave, proper rave and enjoy every single minute in the process.

Sophia Benham