Review: Suzi Ruffell & Romesh Ranganathan at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea

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Of all the comedy shows I’ve been to, and that’s a lot, I can’t honestly recall an occasion when I have laughed so much.

The touring duo of Romesh Ranganathan and Suzi Ruffell is not to be missed. Up first was Suzi, a local comedienne from Portsmouth, with her Social Chameleon set.

Immediately acknowledging her homosexuality, the self-confessed Wurzel Gummidge and Heath Ledger lookalike, described this tour as the perfect way to wind up UKIP.

Stalking potential love interests on Facebook to her teenage obsession with Destiny’s Child, impressions of her mother to drunken bra shopping, her anecdotes were hilarious and worthy of a much bigger venue.

Similarly, Romesh was a huge hit with the crowd. Rom Wasn’t Built in a Day was a very polished set which focussed heavily on his quest to be a better husband and father.

However, he was at his very best when on a tangent, perhaps no more so than when accidentally hitting on a 19 year man in the front row!

His unhealthy obsession with Fruit Loops and his frustration at teaching his son to read were just two of his many highlights!

A must-see show for any comedy fans.