RICK JACKSON: Would you rewrite the past, or swap 10 years for £10m?

Great Scott! Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back to the Future
Great Scott! Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back to the Future
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I posed this question on my breakfast show recently: would you rather go back 25 years in time, or go forward 10 years but suddenly have £10m in your bank account?

Imagine, more money than you could ever wish to have or need.

Think of all the friends and family you could help with those millions.

What about all the amazing holidays you could go on and places you could see? But in exchange, you would lose 10 years of your life.

What about going back 25 years? It’s 1992 and you can go through it all again.

What changes would you make? What would you do differently?

Most people said they would go back 25 years. Take a different career path, try harder at school and go to university.

Other listeners said they would not have married their first spouse and saved themselves a fortune and even some heartache.

Others wanted to know if they could have all the memories of those 25 years and back those Grand National winners or Leicester City to win the Premier League.

What about you? Would you change anything? What was happening in your life back in 1992?

I was a shy 19-year-old, too nervous to talk to girls and in a job I didn’t really like. I was going nowhere.

Maybe I would go back and do things differently.

I’d push myself to be more confident as I’ve learnt that to progress as a human being, you have to put yourself outside your comfort zone occasionally.

Then again, maybe I’d take the £10m. I’d buy a massive house, have the odd prestige car and my own hovercraft – a schoolboy dream.

However, I would miss my children’s best years. No, the money is simply not worth it.

If 19-year-old me could see me today there is no way I’d change a single thing. Maybe some things didn’t work out as planned, but everything happens for a reason.

It was fascinating to hear what other people would do given the choice, but for me – and I know I’m lucky when I say this – I like things just the way they are and have been.


Maybe I’m not the first to say it, but boy it’s been too hot!

I always dream of weather like this when winter seems to hang on for dear life, but now it’s actually here, perhaps I don’t like it as much as I think.

Then again, life has changed for me a lot now that I have two little people running around the place all the time.

Heatwaves were all about sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer. Now they are about getting the kids into a cool paddling pool and trying to keep them out of trouble.

We are off to Spain soon for our summer holiday where it’s even hotter than it is in Britian. Are we crazy? No, I cannot wait.

The villa we are staying at has full air conditioning!


A wooden playhouse recently arrived for the kids.

It looks more like a garden shed has been delivered, with panelled parts and roof felting ready to be assembled.

I am not at all ashamed to report that the first thing I did was call my father-in-law for help.

It has a large number of parts, screws and fittings and instructions that rival War and Peace in volume.

I know I could do it, but I have little patience and would probably end up attacking it with six-inch nails.

My father-in-law is used to it. He will now take on all of our wall-mounting duties, after I attempted to put up curtains when we first moved into our home.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to see daylight though the drill hole?

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