Rosie, 12, helps drivers stay safe behind the wheel

Rosie Michelmore, 12
Rosie Michelmore, 12

A year 7 student has won the ‘South of England Secondary Engineering Award’ for her design aimed at saving lives.

Rosie Michelmore, 12, received the award for her design which prevents drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Rosie beat off competition from over six thousand students to be presented with the accolade in a ceremony at the University of Southampton.

“It felt great to find out I had won. I am really happy as I have never won anything before,’ said Rosie.

Students entering the competition had to address the question ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do’?

Rosie developed a design which uses the car mirror to detect the change in light between the pupil and a closed eyelid.

When a person’s eye closes this is detected by a sensor which then sends a signal to the car seat and causes it to vibrate.

‘I decided to come up with this design as my mum used to work late shifts as part of her job and would often get really tired driving home. I wanted to change this situation and so that is when I came up with this idea.’

Rosie’s design was entered into the competition by science teacher Nikita Ramsey.

Mrs Ramsey said: ‘Rosie is a deserving winner. There is a shortage of females who go into science and engineering careers and so it is really great to see girls being successful in this competition.’

Rosie and Mrs Ramsey met on the night with representatives from car manufacturing companies supporting the event.

Discussions are ongoing as to how to best use Rosie’s design.

‘I really enjoy science and taking part in this competition. I am fascinated by planes but I am not sure whether I want to be a doctor or pilot when I leave school,’ said Rosie.

Headteacher, Rebecca Parkyn, said: ‘We are really proud of Rosie. She has done extremely well to gain this recognition.’