Row over cash as man takes on major bank

Martin Long is involved in a row with his bank over a disputed �100 cash withdrawal''Picture: Sarah Standing (160077-6938)
Martin Long is involved in a row with his bank over a disputed �100 cash withdrawal''Picture: Sarah Standing (160077-6938)
  • Man turns detective in bid to show cash withdrawal was fraudulent
  • But Santander refuses to look at CCTV he tracked down
  • He claims it shows no-one at the machine at the time of alleged withdrawal
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DETERMINED Martin Long launched his own fraud investigation after his bank claimed he withdrew £100 in a shop.

The 49-year-old former ferry worker was adamant he did not take out the cash and fears his card has been cloned – something that the bank says is not possible.

I was doing everything possiblle to try and prove my innocence

Martin Long

Martin, of Northbrook Close, Buckland, Portsmouth, even got CCTV footage from the Co-op in Sultan Road where it was alleged the cash was withdrawn.

But no-one can be seen using the cash machine at the time the bank says he took the cash out.

After a battle with Santander, which refused to watch the CCTV, and a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Martin was given £100 by the bank as an apology for its complaint handling.

‘I would never use Santander again, it’s disgusting the way they treated me,’ Martin, who has MS, told The News.

‘I know there’s people committing fraud but don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

‘I was doing everything possible to try and prove my innocence.

‘I got the footage and presented it to them and they declined to view it. It’s despicable.

‘I think someone has cloned my card.’

The bank claims the PIN and card were used in the machine.

Martin was at home on September 24 when he got a text from Santander asking if he knew about the £100 withdrawal and an online payment of £27.45.

He recognised the smaller amount as he had just bought sunglasses for his partner but not the money withdrawal.

That sparked the saga with him only receiving £100 back last month. Santander refused to give him £10 he paid for the CCTV.

In a letter the bank said it ‘fully investigated’ the fraud claim.

In a statement a bank spokesman said: ‘Mr Long exercised his right to take his complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

‘Upon review they agreed with Santander that Mr Long’s card was used at the ATM with the correct PIN.’

But in its statement the ombudsman said: ‘Often we’re seeing cases where banks or card providers have failed to investigate the fraud – solely because the correct PIN number has been used with the card.’