Rowner Community Trust is helping grow people on the estate

WORKING James Stallard, who is setting up a veg scheme with Rowner Community Trust
WORKING James Stallard, who is setting up a veg scheme with Rowner Community Trust
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WE DO the scheme to encourage people to cook more for themselves.

We’ve found quite a few people who have not even touched vegetables – in the cooking side of things – previously.

It’s helping them learn a bit more, helping them to learn about healthy foods and how food actually is and instead of it being in a bag they can touch it.

They then know how to make meals for the whole family too.

It’s something that they had in Broadlaw Walk, and I’ve known about it for a long time previous to us being involved in it.

Stuart Mills from First Wessex deals with them up in Broadlaw and he brought it to our attention and it’s gone on from there.

But that’s not it – we run events for children too, we’re going to help them grow plants.

We’re going to get families to come together to do different activities.

We’re going to have the children’s events as well as adult function events too.

It’s not just one particular age group and it’s open to anyone on the estate.

It’s not for specific areas of the estate – it’s for the complete estate.

We’re trying to encourage people to become more of a community group and be able to come together to voice their opinion on things.

That’s something we encourage.

If they want something brought up at a particular time.

It makes it informal and if they’ve got any questions that we can answer, then we’ll answer them.

We try to be open and as transparent with everyone as we can.

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