Royal Navy: Rarely-seen historic photos show how Portsmouth’s waterfront became the envy of the world

Take a look how our harbours used to look, with a glance back into the past from The News archives.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 3:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 4:51 pm
Harbours and Docks

Our gallery includes pictures from Portsmouth, as well as other nearby harbours including Emsworth.

Possibly a Zeppelin over Portsmouth. Courtesy of Barry Cox.
The aircraft carrier HMS Courageous entering Portsmouth Harbour sometime in 1939 perhaps for the last time.

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A gaggle of 33-submarines tied up at HMS Dolphin, Gosport pre-January 1922 as HMS Victory can be seen up harbour.
The MV Brading leaving Portsmouth Harbour for Ryde.
Pictured at the helm of his barge we see regular Portsmouth Harbour waterman Richard (Dickie) Dyer.
A busy Portsmouth Harbour scene for the 1950s. The railway viaduct running from South Railway Jetty dates the photograph. Picture: Mike Nolan collection.
Seen alongside Portsmouth Harbour landing stage we see the paddle steamer Whippinghams lifeboats.
The Portsmouth to Hayling ferry arrives at Hayling. Undated image.
HMS Porpoise.
Scene at the Camber, Old Portsmouth. With a collier tied up alongside the Camber dock, we see a steam vessel making her way out to the harbour. Picture: Barry Cox collection.
pre-1936 HMS Nelson and HMS Queen Elizabeth entering Portsmouth Harbour.
Laying water pipes under the mud In 1988, Solent Excavations Ltd laid a water pipe under the mud of Langstone Harbour for Portsmouth Water. Picture: Portsmouth Water.
Ships, barges and yachts, Portsmouth Harbour 1898. With HMS Victory as a background here we see all types of vessels in Portsmouth Harbour in 1898. Picture: Roger Allen collection.
More chimney pots than ships. A different view of the harbour from above the Still and West pub, Point, Old Portsmouth. Picture: Mike Nolan collection.
Barging days at Langstone. A warm summers day in Langstone Harbour a century ago perhaps. Picture: Barry Cox collection.
The Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert. Seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour from the Gosport side is the Victoria and Albert. Picture: Barry Cox collection.
Three carriers in Portsmouth at the same time. Seen in Portsmouth Harbour in February 1989 are HM Ships Invincible, Ark Royal and Illustrious. Picture: Terry Pearson collection.
HMS Calliope in Portsmouth Harbour 1884. A transition scene in Portsmouth Harbour with the ship-rigged cruiser HMS calliope built at Portsmouth and launched in 1884.
Portsmouth Dockyard and Portsmouth Harbour in the mid 1930s. A marvellous sight with many ships up harbour here we see an aerial view of Portsmouth Dockyard in the 1930s. Picture: Barry Cox collection.
Looking across Portsmouth harbour from Gosport with an array of vessels. A marvellous view across Portsmouth harbour with HMS Victory, two yachts, a Thames barge and light cruiser along with steam Gosport ferries to the front. Picture: George Millener.
Poop deck and binnacle, HMS Victory. Seen on Trafalgar Day pre-First World War we see the crew of the Victory when still at anchor in Portsmouth Harbour.
A look across Portsmouth Harbour from the Gosport side. HMS Victory still rides at anchor.
The Hayling Billy crosses Langstone Harbour at low tide. Picture: Paul Costen collection.
Row boats at the Gosport ferry landing stage. An almost unchanged scene today shows the landing stage alongside the harbour station. The late Monty Theobold collection