Rubbish floats in Gosport lakes just weeks after big clean-up

Rubbish at Cockle Pond''Picture: Dave Fry
Rubbish at Cockle Pond''Picture: Dave Fry
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Just weeks after a council spent £100,000 on clearing out lakes, rubbish has been seen floating in them.

Gosport Borough Council drained the lakes in Walpole Park to clear silt and rubbish that had gathered.

But only a month after they were refilled with clean water, carrier bags and food wrappers have already been spotted.

Councillor Graham Burgess said: ‘I’m disappointed that people are throwing rubbish on the ground near the lakes and it’s making its way into the water.

‘The council spent a lot of money cleaning the ponds and allowing the water to flow more freely between them.

‘We spent a lot of effort trying to get the agreements needed to clean the ponds so it is disappointing that already there is rubbish in them.’

The council decided to clear the lakes as they have previously given off a bad smell in the summer due to the silt. Visitors would feed the swans bread which is bad for their stomachs.

Cllr Burgess added: ‘Hundreds of tonnes of muck was cleared out of the ponds and I hope people learn from this and don’t feed the swans bread.

‘We have been working with people in the town to make sure this message gets out and with that, we hope we can keep the area surrounding the ponds free of litter.

‘I don’t think anyone would have intentionally thrown rubbish in the ponds.

‘But it could have quite easily have been blown in there by the wind from places in Walpole Park.’