Russian cruiser's arrival in Portsmouth

This photo was sent to me by John Passells who took a quick snap before being caught which is why it is blurred.

Sunday, 29th May 2016, 6:00 am
jpwm-28-05-16-010 rw ARRIVAL OF RUSSIAN CRUISER 1956 The Russian Sverdlov class cruiser Ordzhonikidze arrives at South Railway Jetty in 1956. Note the entrance gates to the railway viaduct in the foreground.

It shows in the distance the Russian Svedlov cruiser Ordzhonikidze arriving at South Railway Jetty in Portsmouth Dockyard in 1956. The photo is to me more poignant as it shows the entrance to the railway viaduct linking the jetty to Portsmouth Harbour station. I have never seen the viaduct from this angle before. It also shows the gates protecting the viaduct from the general public.

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