Sadness at death of ‘wonderful’ wife, 52

FAMILY Diana Merrett, centre with her daughter Amy Stinton and husband Glenn
FAMILY Diana Merrett, centre with her daughter Amy Stinton and husband Glenn
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THE family of a woman who killed herself after struggling with depression has described her as a wonderful wife and mother.

Widower Glenn Merrett said he thinks about his wife Diana every day, but knows he will never understand what triggered her suicide.

He returned from work on July 20 last year to find the 52-year-old had hanged herself in their house in Amberley Road, North End, Portsmouth.

Mrs Merrett had battled a growing alcohol addiction for the past five years.

The 53-year-old civil servant said the loss of his wife had been devastating for him and his family.

He said: ‘What happened was a tragic shock. Diana and I met when we were both at school and instantly became inseparable.

‘We were deeply in love with each other.

‘She was my true love and I miss her badly and think about her every day.

‘She is missed by all of her family and friends, especially her daughter Amy, and granddaughter Ava.

‘She was a wonderful wife and mother and we had many great times together. She always had a smile and good word for those she met.’

He added that for months after her death he was desperate to find out why she had died.

‘It’s only now that I’ve started to come terms with it,’ he said. ‘Because I’ve accepted I will never know what finally tipped her over the edge.’

An inquest heard that depression was part of Mrs Merrett’s life from a young age and led to the drinking which saw her lose friends and a job working in Waitrose.

Her daughter Amy Stinton, 25, said she was glad her mother had lived to see her get married and was able to meet her granddaughter.

She said: ‘The depression was always there just below the surface.

‘But before that she was always smiling and joking, and she was a fantastic mum when I was young.’

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire coroner David Horsley said Mrs Merrett had taken her own life while suffering from a long- standing psychiatric illness.

He said: ‘Diana had suffered from a psychiatric illness for a long time, and her drinking was just a symptom of that illness. It is such a sad story, and a tragedy for her family.’