Saffron’s charity walk was a way of saying thank you to hospice

Saffron Hull
Saffron Hull
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Kind Saffron Hull was determined to raise money in memory of a young girl she used to babysit.

The 18-year-old is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner because she walked 23.5 miles in memory of Holly Sparshott.

Holly was 12 when she died in 2013 after falling into a coma when she had an asthma attack that stopped her breathing for 15 minutes.

Saffron used to babysit Holly and wanted to raise money for Naomi House children’s hospice near Winchester.

She says: ‘I felt like I was doing something for a charity that deserves the recognition.

‘Naomi House means a lot to me. It’s where Holly spent her last days.

‘This was my way of saying thank you to them. They don’t get the recognition they deserve.

‘This will open up people’s eyes to what Naomi House does.’

Saffron, from Gosport, has managed to raise £265 for Naomi House by walking from her home town to Winchester.

She was accompanied on the walk by her 15-year-old sister Serena and best friend Matthew Irwin, 26.

Saffron adds: ‘The first bit was okay because I knew where I was. When we got past Wickham, there were parts where the path just ended.

‘It was a difficult journey and it tested my patience a bit.

‘But I got there in the end. My flatmates were there to greet me when I got back.’