Sailor rescued after being thrown out of his boat

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THE RNLI rescued a man who was thrown out of his tender in high winds after it hit an obstruction.

Sixty-year-old Andrew Lawson had spent several days on board his boat moored in Chichester Harbour preparing for the sailing season. He loaded his tender and was making his way back to shore when the accident happened.

The tender spiralled out of control in the high winds and Mr Lawson tried to walk back to shore in shallow water but it became too deep.

He called 999 and the Hayling RNLI from rescued him at 5.30pm, wrapped him in a thermal blanket and took him to Langstone Sailing Club.

They then found the tender on Northney Shore and towed it back to the sailing club.

Mr Lawson – who broke his finger in the accident – said: ‘I will be forever grateful to Andy Ferguson, the senior helm, and the D-Class crew who not only hoiked me from the Wadeway but saved my tender.’

Alan Bartlett from Hayling RNLI said: ‘Mr Lawson showed great determination and fortitude in trying to solve his situation and avoid calling for help.

‘We are all glad he did so however.’