Sainsbury’s staff set for Blue Day

Getting ready for 'The News - Blue Day' - staff at Sainsbury 's store at Farlington
Getting ready for 'The News - Blue Day' - staff at Sainsbury 's store at Farlington

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THEY like to show their support to local charities – and this year is no different for a supermarket.

Sainsbury’s in Farlington, Portsmouth, has registered to take part in this year’s Blue Day.

And for the staff, supporting local charities is something they love to do.

Workers at the supermarket will dress in blue but some have decided to get a bit more creative and will be dressing as Smurfs, Virgil from the Thunderbirds and even the Cookie Monster.

Many will wear their Pompey shirts to share their love of a club supported by Tom Prince.

Store manager Phil Bridgewater said: ‘Sainsbury’s Farlington is delighted to be a big part of Blue Day and supporting the Tom Prince Cancer Trust.

‘This type of event enables us to demonstrate our impact in the community and how when it comes together as one, we can make a massive difference.

‘We’re always keen to be involved with events that galvanise the people of Portsmouth around a common goal.

‘We’ve been able to support this charity along with so many other business and schools in the local area for some time now – never forgetting there is a serious message that sits beneath what is designed to be a fun way to raise the profile of this charity and raise ever-needed funds.’

Blue Day was started in 2008 by Adele and Clinton Prince, the parents of Tom who died from osteosarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer.

The 15-year-old, who died in 2004, was a massive Pompey fan and his parents decided to hold Blue Day every year to raise money for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust as part of a campaign to raise £1m for research.

Across the city on May 2, schools and businesses will dress in blue and will do other activities to fundraise.

Phil added: ‘Many of the colleagues enjoy the fun that is born out of dressing up in blue and this year the ideas are coming in thick and fast.

‘Let’s all get behind the theme of the day and celebrate our city in blue for the day.’

To find out more information on Blue or to register visit